SmartEEs Matchmaking Fridays – May – July 2021 Editions

We bring you an exciting opportunity to explore possibilities at the crossroads of the Digital, Health, and Flexible Electronics sectors. There’s lots on the horizon, so a perfect time to get involved!

SmartEEs project partners DSP Valley, Minalogic and OES, are organizing a series of online sessions bringing SMEs, Midcaps, Labs and RTOs together around Flexible & Wearable Electronics (FWE) Business Opportunities.
Flexible& Wearable Electronics have enormous potential and the business possibilities are endless.
• Cooperation and networking are essential to get the tech just right, and to bring viable products to (new) markets.
In online sessions, we invite you to meet with potential partners through
• visionary key notes
pitching sessions (possibilities as well as challenges)
• curated matchmaking

New angles, fresh ideas, existing technology

The schedule of the events is as follows:

  • Logistics & Packaging – 7 May
  • Consumer Electronics – 4 June
  • Environment & Energy – 25 June
  • Reliability & Resilience – 9 July

Find out more and register here: