The second SmartX Call for funding is now open

SmartX Europe has announced its second Call for Expressions of Interest for innovative projects in the smart textiles manufacturing chain. The call is intended for European SMEs and start-ups within the smart textile and related sectors. 

If you wish to apply for SmartX support, the first step is to send an Expression of Interest, so that a dedicated coach can get in touch and start helping you. After that, in order to file an Application, you will have to sign and/or complete several documents, including the Technical Application Form, Declaration of Honour, and the Conflict of Interest Declaration. 

The deadline for sending your Expression of Interest is September 4 and for submitting the finalised Application October 2, 2020. More information and the Guide for Applicants are available on the Application page. Stay up to date on SmartX news on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Corrigendum No.2 to the Call for AEs

Please note that an updated version of the SmartEEs2 Call for Application Experiments has been published here in line with the Corrigendum No. 2.

The changes of the SmartEEs2 Call refer to the clarifications in the sections: What?, Process?, How? and Call documents.

In the What? section it was clarified that applicants could contact the Helpdesk in case they would need a technical / business feasibility checks at least 3 weeks prior to submission of the proposal, by sending an email to Helpdesk. In addition, the notice about SmartEEs2 commitment to the fight against Covid-19 was updated, making it clear for applicants that preferentially 2 application experiment proposals related to this thematic will be supported in all cut-off dates.

New links to the Marketplace are included in What? and How? sections.

The chart in the section Process was updated with new condition of the Service Delivery Agreement (SDA) related to the timing for definition of Join Implementation Plan (JIP) which was extended from current 2 months to additional 2 months from the notice period, i.e. maximum 4 months are given to complete this action.

Call documents section was updated with new versions of the Application Guidelines and Service Delivery Agreement.

Application guidelines were updated in the section related to Summary, where applicants are reminded that the summary is a requirement of the application form and must be provided with all relevant and non-confidential information. In addition, ethics requirements are specified as well as the data privacy policy.

Service Delivery Agreement was also updated with conditions related to SDA finalization and AE delays, and ethics issues, and the final version of the document is included in the corrigendum.