Corrigendum No.1 to the Call for AEs

Please note that an updated version of the SmartEEs2 Call for Application Experiments has been published here in line with the Corrigendum No. 1.

The changes of the SmartEEs2 Call refer to the clarifications in the sections: What?, Who? and Why?  

In the What? section it was clarified that applicants are required to contact the Helpdesk for technical / business feasibility checks. Also, an important notice about SmartEEs2 commitment to the fight against Covid-19 was introduced, making it clear for applicants that preferentially 2 application experiment proposals related to this thematic will be supported particularly under the 1st cut-off date. In the Who? section, the eligibility of UK applicants to the SmartEEs2 Call was explained, while budget aspects of the selected application experiments are further clarified in the Why section.

SmartEEs2 to support 2 proposals fighting against Covid-19

SmartEEs2 partners are committed to contributing to the fight against COVID – 19 and other viruses with flexible & wearable electronics as solutions in the field of prevention, diagnostics, therapy, etc. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will preferentially support 2 application experiment proposals related to this thematic particularly under the 1st cut-off date of the Call for Application Experiments.

All interested companies are invited to present their ideas by 5th June 2020.

For detailed information about the application process click here.

Good luck to all and keep safe!

Together and stronger in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented health and social crisis. We can all contribute to limiting Covid-19’s transmission and impact. SmartEEs2 and its partner BLUMORPHO joined the fight with EuroScan international network, HTA and co-operation partners to offer their resources in the call #unitedagainstcovid19. (link)

A call for solutions #UnitedAgainstCovid19 is open with no limitations.

We are encouraging you to showcase your solutions to contribute to help citizens and health organizations in the fight against covid-19. Your solutions will be evaluated by EuroScan international networks members and cooperation partners from Health Authorities and experts to disseminate and facilitate their use. All solutions that will contribute to limit covid‑19 transmission and impact are expected #handwashing #desinfection #stayhome #social links… and be creative!

As soon as your solution is assessed, it will be visible and introduced to relevant players in the fight against Covid-19.

Apply to the open call : Join #UnitedAgainstCovid19 action

Your solution will contribute to limiting Covid-19 impact’s

How to join? There are 2 ways to help:

– present your solution and ideas by applying to the call above
– and/or relay the information to your network.

As soon as you share the information, please inform BLUMORPHO, they will add your logo as a partner who is part of the initiative.

Click here to apply to the call

To learn more about EuroScan and its partners, please click here.