SmartEEs2 Call for AEs – 10 proposals selected for the 1st cut-off date

Following the evaluation process of proposals submitted by the 1st cut-off date, the SmartEEs2 consortium selected 10 proposals to proceed with the contracting phase, and put 1 proposal on a reserve list. The projects are focused on integrating flexible and wearable electronics into advanced new products / series of products.

Altogether 24 proposals were received for this cut-off date, 23 of which were evaluated by the SmartEEs2 Evaluation Panel. The funding amount for each of the selected projects will be decided during the contracting phase.

If you would like to know more about the 1st cut-off evaluation results, please check the Public Evaluation Report.

If you are interested in applying to the SmartEEs2 Call for AEs, please check the requirements on this page.

Smart Manufacturing SIG meeting by EBN

EBN is pleased to organise a first meeting with EBN – European Business & Innovation Centre Network #SmartManufacturing SIG on 20th July 2020.

EU Acceleration& #openinnov #Industry40 programmes to be aware of: 1️⃣ Bind 4.0 6 months #equityfree in Basque Country BIC Gipuzkoa 2️⃣ INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials #AdMaCamp 2 weeks #advancedmanufacturing 3️⃣ SmartEEs_EU Flexible and Wearable Electronics 💰 100k financial support

Marketplace: Virtual Catalogue for Flexible and Wearable Electronics is Live!

The Digital Innovation Hub – SmartEEs has built a digital platform, with catalog showcasing a globally unique and comprehensive list of validated Flexible and Wearable Electronics (FWE) products, prototypes and technical services. Particularly in these days, it is essential to build more agile and European value chains and to integrate already existing products or modules for fast market entry.

Through the catalog, each registered visitor can discover available technology and its use in various application fields. The aim of the catalog is to enable business innovation partnerships for developing novel products or services based on Flexible and Wearable Electronics. Last but not least, the registered offering may be involved in the experiments selected and co-financed by SmartEEs. This is the opportunity for the promotion of your FWE products, prototypes and services!

We invite you to register your organization and to share your capabilities with the SmartEEs community.
Register now by following these steps:
1.         Visit:
2.         Register in: Organization registry
3.         Wait for confirmation (max 48 hours)
4.         Go to the Marketplace and start adding New Items

Currently, the marketplace offers innovating companies the possibility to explore more than 80 innovative offerings, based on flexible electronics. These innovative technologies correspond to the state-of-the-art applications in Organic Photovoltaics, Flexible Displays, OLED Lighting, Electronics & Components and Integrated Smart Systems. Moreover, the Marketplace offers companies the possibility to consult different products by application domain. Available domains comprise applications for automotive, buildings, consumer electronics, energy, lighting, logistics, medical & pharmaceutical, packaging, graphic arts and textile sectors. The SmartEEs Marketplace is a place to innovate the business of SMEs, Mid-caps and Large companies while scouting for new business opportunities with flexible electronics technologies and to connect supply (ready to integrate products, prototypes, services) & demand (designers, integrators, solution providers, vendors), and to facilitate the promotion of innovative products.

See you in the marketplace where we display the best examples of what is possible with Flexible and Wearable Electronics Technologies.