Marketplace: A place to discover technology, make business and get DIH communicated

The SmarEES marketplace is a collaborative environment which provides a wider access to the flexible electronics technology through linking technology and business suppliers with technology users and investors. The platform will broker technology/business services crucial to the development of flexible electronics-based businesses and innovative companies (SMEs/Mid-caps) that are interested in developing innovative products.

Currently, our marketplace offers innovating companies the possibility to explore more than 35 innovative technologies based on flexible electronics. These innovative technologies correspond to the state-of-the art applications in Organic Photovoltaics, Flexible Displays, OLED Lighting, Electronics & Components and Integrated Smart Systems. Moreover, the Marketplace offers companies the possibility to consult different products by application domain. Available domains comprise applications for automotive, buildings, consumer electronics, energy, lighting, logistics, medical & pharmaceutical, packaging, graphic arts and textile sectors. In detail, we offer the possibility to explore innovative flexible electronics technology dedicated to organic solar cells, stripes and buttons for textile integration, smart labels, stretchable electronics, smart blisters or even technology that merge biology and design. So, do not lose the opportunity to explore all products we offer!


The Marketplace will be live within and beyond the project, permitting the innovating companies to contact different Digital Innovation Hubs and discover their flexible electronics technologies. We also offer innovation companies the possibility to include in the Marketplace their products developed as a result of the applications experiments from different calls, or to expand the community, and their products. Hence, do not miss SmartEES opportunity to develop innovative products.

In conclusion, the Marketplace is a place to raise broader awareness, actively scout for new business opportunities with flexible electronics technologies, connect supply (partners and external service providers) & demand (SMEs, Mid-caps), and facilitate the promotion of innovative products.