Business support

Following a competitive selection process, 20 Application Experiments (AE) will be selected and conducted to demonstrate the transfer of flexible electronics technologies into new products, processes, business models and business opportunities.

Apart from a range of technical services, which will be provided by SmartEEs competence centers – CEA, CPI, TNO, VTT, EURECAT, FRAUNHOFER FEP, and IMEC, each selected Application Experiment will benefit from a set of non-technical services. These services will be provided by SmartEEs innovation and business developers – BLUMORPHO, EBN and AMIRES. The three partners will work together with the selected companies on product development, ensuring business support, and access to finance in order to prepare the companies for a smooth transition from the product development towards market supply.

Meet the SmartEEs innovation and business developers.

The BLUMORPHO team has been working in innovation for more than 20 years. BLUMORPHO is operating at the major critical steps, when the technical differentiation must absolutely be demonstrated, the market must be educated, and revenues are not yet generated. These early steps are indeed perilous, and BLUMORPHO engages with the entrepreneurs and innovators in reaching their objectives and generating value.

EBN is the European network of innovation comprised of more than 150 qualified Business Innovation Centers and incubators and other 70 organizations as clusters, universities, and national networks.

EBN is a large community of professionals that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs all over Europe. For this, EBN contribution to SmartEEs acceleration program will be focused on Business development support to the selected companies and projects.

With its members, EBN will provide advisory and guidance in development strategy, market studies, access to market, financing, marketing, IP, internationalization. Through its network and partners, EBN will also provide preferred and fast track access to qualified contacts as potential partners, clients or investors. Finally, through its business and innovation focused international events, EBN will bring constant visibility to all the companies and projects.

AMIRES is a dynamically growing innovation consultancy primarily focused on business innovation of SMEs. Its unique strength lies in impact-oriented activities, leading to product development in partnership or in cooperative projects. AMIRES applies SME-MPOWER methodology for business innovation coaching and is part of platinn – innovation network in Switzerland. The support includes benchmarking, idea and prototype conceptualization, market identification and segmentation, product idea validation by pilot customers and development roadmap.

AMIRES has been successfully supporting companies to prepare portfolios of product ideas and projects for integration of TOLAE components, to develop new medical devices combining discrete components, printed electronics and large volume surface structuring. AMIRES assisted in development of product strategy and commercialization of chemical analysis tools, consumer products as well as innovation in service providing enterprises. This consulting, assisting and coaching experience in the industry will be offered to the winners of the SmartEEs Call for Application Experiments.