Sneak peek at first results of SmartEEs support

SmartEEs financial support to Innovative Companies becomes ever more evident as first prototypes and business plans start to materialize following detailed planning and several month implementation of selected application experiments. Innovative Companies have been intensively working in cooperation with SmartEEs technical and business partners, such as VTT, EURECAT, TNO, CPI, CEA, AMIRES, BLUMORPHO, and EBN on developing new products and positioning themselves on new markets. In this article we offer you a sneak peek at their first results but stay tuned for public deliverables of the selected Application Experiments which will be soon published on the SmartEEs website.

Flexible electronics enables to produce thin and lightweight the Internet of things (IoT) devices. Finnish company Small Data Garden (SDG) recently developed (supported by SmartEEs) a prototype of a new device based on flexible electronics/substrate (IOTSU® Flexi), ideal for asset or cold chain monitoring, logistics in general and supporting services. It enables monitoring of acceleration, orientation, positioning, temperature and other parameters. SDG is currently looking for partners willing to start the piloting phase and real-life scenario development. AMIRES supports SDG in business development and creation of strategic partnerships.

Through its collaboration with SmartEEs, UWINLOC’s aim is to develop a new batterryless flexible tag combining the accuracy of Ultra Wide Band (30cm) with the ease of use of RFID. This new technology they are working on with EURECAT will be of interest in many application fields including logistics, retail and industry 4.0 strategies. BLUMORPHO has studied customer requirements in three different business verticals: the manufacturing industry, the hospitals logistics and the luxury industry; promoting the Flexible U-Tag.

UWB is known for the capability to deliver a real time location of assets with the highest possible accuracy, it is so far available in a rigid packaging. Flexible electronics will permit a conformal integration of UWB tags on any shape, being a gas bottle or power tools. The proprietary batteryless technology of UWINLOC will permit a unique combination of value-added features.

Thanks to SmartEEs’ support, the Finnish company MoveSole will enhance their current product with the implementation of additional features such as a temperature sensor, an accelerometer developed by TNO and more, while maintaining an ultra-thin concept, the MoveSole signature, and guaranteeing no interference with the gait analysis. With BLUMORPHO’s support, MoveSole is refining its unique value proposition and access to finance. The opportunities expected from this new product are related to telemedicine and physiotherapy. These new features will permit a more accurate monitoring of people at risk like diabetic patients.

The Dutch company ItoM Medical, engaged into ORIGAMO application experiment with CPI, is working on the development of a new smart T-shirt to monitor diaphragm muscle activity with a dedicated electromyogram. The company applied to SmartEEs to benefit from dry electrodes to optimize the interface with the patient and get high quality data with low interference. SmartEEs is an important milestone for the company development plan to design a medical garment which will enable the thoracic EMG, heart rate and breathing to be measured and hence allow better prevention of Asthma attacks, improving the quality of life of children with severe Asthma. With the support of BLUMORPHO, the company is challenging its go to market strategy and roadmap to market. As a next step the company is looking to raise public or private investment to further support the development of the product which is expected to be launched in 2020.

La manufacture à Félix, a French company, is an equipment manufacturer of sporting articles made of wood. Within SmartEEs the company collaborates with CEA in order to develop an electric – all-wheel drive – long-skate. The product will be capable of being geared without a remote control through built-in pressure sensors allowing the user to accelerate or brake. Auxiliary IoT services will be integrated to enrich the skateboarder’s experience, by proposing complementary services (circuits, geolocation, etc.). EBN supports Villacampa on its go to market strategy and on beta-testing the product with users from outdoor leisure or sustainable & smart mobility areas.